Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Taste of Edmonton

Of the many festivals that are held in Edmonton each summer, one of our favorites is "A Taste of Edmonton." It's held in Edmonton's Churchill Square downtown. 40 Edmonton restaurants sell samples of two of their dishes in smaller portion sizes. It has become somewhat of an annual thing for us, and every year we've gone with one of my close friends, Thao. In addition to the food booths, there is also a wine tent for "A Taste of Wine" and a separate beer garden for "A Taste of Beer." Unfortunately, none of us really drink except Jason, so it wasn't worth checking out. To save some money this year, we decided to eat dinner at home and then go to the festival to sample desserts. It was packed, but that's how we like it- the atmosphere is fun and festive. We were able to sample: Triple Layer Chocolate Explosion, Deep Fried Mars Bar (Sammy chose that!), Sno Cone w/ Fruit and Cream (turned out to be a favorite- so refreshing, we actually had 2 servings), Canoli (custard filled pastry dipped in chocolate), Caffe Affogato (ice cream with chocolate and espresso), Raspberry Chocolate Mousse, and Mexican Deep Fried Ice Cream (which turned out to be the worst thing we've ever sampled at this festival, and that's saying a lot). YUM! Needless to say, our kids devoured everything! I think all of us will have gained a few pounds by the time we return to Fresno.


JHRME said...

Jeremy's facial expressions are so heartwarming. The desserts sound good!

Jamie said...

Glad to see you're still having fun! I love that picture of Grace feeding Jeremy chocolate cake!

Christa said...

That's my kind of festival!