Monday, July 27, 2009

Playgrounds and Spray Parks

I love how parks and playgrounds are in every neighborhood here in Edmonton. In Fresno, with the exception of a handful of community playgrounds, most are gated inside each school's property so you can't really access them, or you have to pay to go to one of the few public parks. We have gone to quite a few playgrounds on our trip here this year. Today, we met up with one of my friends, Linda. She lives in the basement suite in this guy's house. This guy, turns out to be Paul, who I grew up in church with. Paul is now married to Mel and they have 2 kids, Alex and Calla. It's such a small world! Anyway, we headed over to their house to hang out, and Paul made us lunch before Linda and the kids walked with us to their neighborhood's park. Right beside the playground is a spray park. The kids had so much fun switching back and forth between the two play areas, though Jeremy and Calla spent most of their time on the playground. It was a relaxing day and the weather was just perfect. We laid out a picnic blanket to eat some snacks and it was so tempting to just lie down and take a nap since there was a gentle breeze blowing. Didn't happen though, as there were active kids to chase! It's always great to catch up with good friends like Linda.

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Jamie said...

We went to a park just like that in Hutchinson a day or 2 before we left. Isaac loved those poles that shot out water...he felt like he was under a waterfall! Hope you have a good flight home soon.