Friday, April 20, 2012

Skater Boy

A few months ago, I got Jeremy some skater shoes from Target.  He was so excited to put them on because he said, "These are just like Noah's!  He can teach me how to skateboard."  Noah is our nephew, who Jeremy adores.  Last weekend, we got together to celebrate my sis-in-law's birthday, and it just so happened that our niece, Ashley, had brought her skateboard.  Noah quickly helped Jeremy gear up and they headed out to the driveway.
 How cute is our little skater?!
I was really expecting just to take a few pictures.  I really thought that he'd fall, cry, and give up within minutes. Well, he did fall off many times, but was quick to get right back on the skateboard.  Noah and Jason stood nearby, but he really wanted to try everything himself.  With the chilly weather and bumpy driveway, we convinced him to take the skateboard into the garage.  He practiced balancing while we gave little pushes, but then he wanted to practice kicking off on his own. He ended up consumed with the skateboard for about an hour.  I was so impressed by his balance, his determination, and his perseverance!  I'm wondering if I should look into getting a cheap skateboard on craigslist or if he'll quickly lose interest...

40th Birthday Cake

It was my sis-in-law's 40th birthday last weekend.  My mother-in-law wanted to make our family dinner extra special.  Wanting to help, I would've done almost anything.  Well, she asked me to make the cake.  I was on Spring Break and was thrilled to have the opportunity- I used it as a chance to work with fondant again.  I'm not skilled at it, so making a fondant cake takes me a loooong time.  Here's what I came up with- I tried to match it with the party goods my mother-in-law used (let's just say, the plate is "strategically-placed." Don't look too closely, lol).

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pink Thunder

We have been excited about the start of softball season! Last year, Grace played t-ball and had a fantastic experience. She loved it, and we loved watching her. This year, she is playing U-8. Her games are every Monday and Wednesday, and since the girls play 3 innings, we often don't get home until 7:30pm! With this age category, there is no more tee- basically, there are 3 pitches from the opposing team's pitcher, and then if needed, the coach pitches 2 more. 
We requested for Grace to have the same coach she had last year. There are many girls from last year's team on this year's team, as well. This has given us a chance to get reacquainted with some of the other families.  A few weeks ago, her league held a day of opening ceremonies. There was a carnival and each team played several times. Coach Larry put Grace in as a pitcher!
Jason went to him and explained that we have never practiced pitching with her. He was very confident that Grace would surprise us.  He was right and we were amazed!  We were definitely proud parents!  Pitch after pitch was spot on, though each could've used a little more speed. Coach Larry had her play pitcher again for their next game.  Jason has been practicing with her and she has been working hard.  The one thing that has been most inconsistent though is her batting. She is very determined to improve, and we have already seen so much improvement in just a mere few weeks- we are in store for a wonderful season of Pink Thunder softball!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh, Jeremy!

I always forget to write down funny things that our kids say.  Jeremy consistently cracks me up.  This post is mostly for my memory's sake! 

Mama's Boy
We were finishing up our dinner at Red Robin a few weeks ago.  The bill came out, and I told Jeremy, "You should pay for our meal tonight."  "I don't have any money!" he says.  "What would you buy me if you did have money?"  "I would buy you a ring and lots of jewelry."  "What would you buy daddy?"  He says, "Toothpaste!"  Jason and I started cracking up- HILARIOUS... and oh, so random!

Girl Scout Cookies
We drove by some girls who had set up a table to sell Girl Scout cookies.  Grace asked if we could stop to buy some.  I replied, "Actually, we bought a lot of boxes a few weeks ago, but daddy ate every single box."  Jeremy says, "What does a box taste like?"  "What?"  "You said that daddy ate the whole box.  What does a box taste like?"  I started laughing and tried to explain that I meant he ate everything IN the box.  So darn cute!