Saturday, January 26, 2019

Life with Ginny after 1 Month

We've had Ginny for a month and we absolutely love her. She is so very loving (needy) and yearns for our attention.  She thinks she's a lap dog and loves being pet and rubbed. She knows quite a few commands and can do them with or without treats. We make sure that she gets at least one walk a day (in fact, I've increased my activity level since she joined our family!)

We expected that since she's a rescue dog, there would be many things that would come up and we're slowly discovering who she is.

First and foremost, we were hoping Ginny and Sugar would become great friends.  Ok, maybe we were just hopeful they'd tolerate each other.  We quickly found out that would not be the case.  Our cat lover, Grace, is absolutely devastated that Ginny scared off our cat.  She was gone for 5 days! One good thing that came out of her disappearance was that she came back skinnier.  We now have to keep the house divided; half is for Ginny and half is for Sugar.  We have tried a variety of ways to try and introduce them and have them in the same space but none has been successful yet. Ginny still looks like she's out to get Sugar if they get within reach of each other.

Barking at other dogs
When we first met Ginny at the SPCA, she didn't have any response to the other dogs that were around here.  Since then, she's become a barker on our walks.  Unfortunately, it's unpredictable. At first, we thought it was just small yappy dogs but she has also randomly barked at larger dogs in the last little bit. We just feel bad when she barks at other dogs because it's a loud, deep bark and really gets to you.

Ginny doesn't know how to play with toys. It has been disappointing for Jeremy.  At least she is able to go on runs with him and is so loving.  But he would truly love it if she played with him.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Old Stompin' Grounds

Jeremy's at a new school this year but his close friend, Levi, still attends Manchester.  They have an annual Barn Dance that is a lot of fun. Evo Blustein spends a week teaching students different barn dances and at the end of the week, there's an evening Barn Dance that parents are invited to. Levi was kind enough to let Jeremy tag along with him so he could revisit his old school. Christa said they were typical goofballs all night and had a great time. I imagine it won't be too long before they attend a dance with actual dates!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ginny's First Doggie Play Date

When we were away for Grace's volleyball tournament last weekend, we asked our friend, Stacie, to come feed Ginny and play with her. She brought her dog, Pam, over for a doggie play date the day before we left.  It was so exciting for us to see Ginny with another dog. Pam's energetic personality forced Ginny out of her comfort zone.  We saw her actually interact with Pam as a dog. We are going to make it a priority to set up more doggie play dates for Ginny.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

California Kickoff

Last year, Grace played for Central Volleyball Club and had an amazing experience.  She gained a lot of confidence and she bonded with her teammates.  This year, we made the hard decision to switch back to Fresno Volleyball Club. FVBC's director is also the head coach at Grace's high school so we wanted her to have the opportunity to play with other girls who she'll also play high school volleyball with. She made the 15 Power team.  In club volleyball around here, there are essentially 2 leagues; premier and power, which is more competitive.  This will be Grace's first year playing on a Power team.  Her coach has lots of experience and we're hopeful that she will be able to help Grace grow and improve.
The California Kickoff was held this past weekend in San Jose and it was our first glimpse of the team. They were seeded #38, though, it wasn't really based on anything since they are a brand new team. Out of the hundred teams that were there, they ended up getting placed in a pool with their closest rival, the Fresno Heat. They lost against them in 3 sets so it was incredibly close. Their next game was against the #2 seed and they kept up, losing one of the sets 25-27. They won their next game, however, the two earlier losses moved them to a lower pool for Round 2 the next day.  I'm not sure what happened but it was a tough day.  They lost every game and ended the tournament at #46. We're hoping that the work they put into the next few months will bring about growth and a positive club experience.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Elton John!

Almost a year ago, Elton John tickets went on sale for his show here in Fresno. The one and only Elton John!  This would be his farewell tour and so both Jason and I knew that we wanted to make every effort to go. Tickets sold out quickly even though they were expensive. Throughout the months, we continued to check Ticketmaster and StubHub just in case affordable tickets were available. It never happened.  Jason said that we should just wait and check for tickets on the day of the concert.  So that's what we did! We bought our tickets off Ticketmaster for a great price only hours before the concert (people who end up not being able to go would rather get something than nothing for their tickets and we benefited from that). It turned out to be just a few rows in front of Jennifer and Dan so we got to hang out with them for a bit, too. Elton John was amazing! Such talent... We had an incredible time singing along and watching him play his piano.
Another thing that I really loved about our evening was that we did it spontaneously.  It took some coordinating to have our kids looked after, but I loved getting to do something so fun at the spur of the moment with Jason. I'm so thankful for him and all the fun things we get to do together.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Out with the Old, In with the New

Well, actually, just "out with the old."  Between Jason watching a documentary over Winter Break about minimalism and me binge watching Marie Kondo's new Tidying Up series on Netflix, we've spent a good amount of time cleaning and decluttering over the last few weeks. It retrospect, it's actually rather embarrassing to see the amount of STUFF we own. Here's what we each got rid of from our closets:

Jason: 7 pairs of jeans, 11 sweats/pjs, 14 slacks, 31 sweaters/long sleeves, 59 t-shirts (and he kept almost 40), 8 ties, 4 belts, 17 button up/polos, 18 pairs of shorts, 10 hats, 8 pairs of shoes.
Jane: 55 tops, 9 skirts, 6 dresses, 10 pairs of shoes, 13 bottoms

In addition, we cleaned out our entertainment center and got rid of CDs, VHS tapes, and DVDs.  We were able to sell them and actually got a little money back!  I cleaned out our front play room, and also cleared out some paper files from years past.  I ended up making multiple trips to thrift stores to donate our items.  Let's hope that we continue to focus on things that spark joy and get rid of excess because if there's a lesson here, it's that we truly have all that we need. I'm full of gratitude. I'd say that's the perfect mind frame to start the new year with.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Welcoming a New Year with "Framily"

So interestingly, my first post about 2019 is actually something that we've gotten to be a part of for the past 5 years. Our close friends, the Wiens family, have been vacationing on the Oceano coast every year right after New Year's.  The first year, we happened to be vacationing in Cambria and met up with them for dinner in San Luis Obispo.  From that year on, they've welcomed us to join them.  We've headed out there on Thursday so the kids can play together on the beach, have dinner in SLO, and then we walk through the Farmer's Market.  This year, we got to stay overnight on Thursday with the Brooks family and headed home after dinner on Friday. I am always worried about imposing on their family's vacation and so I am truly thankful for how welcoming, gracious, and generous they are. It is a wonderful blessing to get to welcome a new year with people we consider "framily" (friends who are family).

Thursday night dinner in San Luis Obispo at Mo's BBQ
Walking through the SLO Farmer's Market
Jill and I took the "littles" to the Avila Valley Barn. I've never been there before- there are farm animals you can feed, a fruit/vegetable stand, a bakery with delicious local goodies, and even an ice cream treat shop. 
I walked out to the water with these three girls.  As soon as I gave the ok, they took off running towards the water.  I love this image- running freely towards an unknown.
Grace with her bestie; Jeremy with his bestie

Welcome to a New Year!

Today is January 5.  I actually started contemplating about blogging again before we said goodbye to 2018 but it took several days to get this blog up and running again! I guess that was to be expected since it has been 4 years since I've blogged. There was a point when I thought I was going to have to create an entirely different blog and I was really bummed out about that.  Luckily, some things got worked out and now I get to just resume- so welcome (back) to the Isaac Family Insider!
So what has led me to start this up again? A few weeks ago, I was busy in our kitchen and glanced up to see Grace and Jeremy sitting together on our couch. These days, that's definitely enough to make a person pause.  They had a few of our family's blog books from years past spread out between them.  It was so precious, watching them take turns reading and sharing aloud different posts, laughing.  It reminded me why I had bothered to blog in the first place.  Blogging really was a way for me to capture our family's memories.  I stopped in 2014 because it was at that point that I began to share a lot more about our lives on Facebook and Instagram. The unfortunate part of that is those posts are currently only accessible to me and I only get to "relive" those memories when FB posts memories.
So, with a new year comes a renewed desire to once again blog.  I'm going to try to print off my Instagram pics in a book for the years I didn't blog. I'm going to try blogging again because it allows me to really write and share my thoughts whereas FB and IG only give mere glimpses. A family friend of ours still blogs and she has a segment called Really Random Thursdays.  I've decided that if I can't at least blog about events as they happen, the least I can do is give weekly overviews.  Here's to new beginnings!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Isaac Family Christmas

We absolutely love celebrating Christmas with Jason's family!  Such a special day!

 So sweet! Noah gave his little cousin some of his legos and lego mini figures.


 Cambria had a dream that we gave her a bag of apples, so as a joke, we did just that and gave Corissa a bag of oranges, too.

We have appetizers throughout the day, then enjoy two soups for dinner.  This year, we had chicken tortilla and clam chowder.
 For dessert, Jennifer made us creme brulee.  Yum!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Annual Ugly Gift Exchange

We have an annual holiday dinner with the Wiens family. 

The kids exchange gifts that they've made for each other.  Too funny that this year, both boys made eachother lego picture frames.  Gabe joined in this year and made Jeremy a soap dispenser with legos inside.  These boys know each other so well!
Grace also made a picture frame for Charlotte, and Charlotte made lip gloss and a bath fizz ball for Grace.
As for the adults?  Here's what we exchanged:
We posted this on Facebook and took a poll to see which gift was the ugliest.  It turns out that the winner for this year is the bird yarn art!  Congrats, Aaron and Christa! Ha!