Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome to December

I love Christmas, but honestly, I do not enjoy putting up the Christmas decorations.  It's another thing to add to my list of to-dos and what's worse is that everything is put up for a mere few weeks before it has to be taken down again.  Call me Scrooge, I guess!  At least this year, Grace and Jeremy did most of the decorating and I just gave orders :)

One thing that was endearing this year was how the kids paused to look and talk about our special ornaments. Grace chose this purple swirled glass ball.  It was actually given to Jason and me for our  first Christmas and was made by our friend, Cari.  Jeremy chose this Darth Vader ornament as his favorite. 
Something else that comes out only during the month of December is our huge tote of Christmas books.  The kids love reading these special books, most of which have been given to us from my sister, Di Dao.

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