Monday, May 30, 2011

California Classic Half Marathon Relay

Jackson's in place of Greg, Jason's relay partner since he left before this picture was taken

Not too long ago, Jason was asked by our friend, Allen, if he'd be interested in doing a half-marathon relay. Kristen's brother was looking for a partner. The plan was that Kristen and her brother would run the first leg of the relay together, and then Allen and Jason would run the second leg. Jason agreed, mostly for the experience, and also because it'd "only" be half of a half-marathon. Well, last weekend was the California Classic. The draw for this particular event is that it begins and ends at Chukchansi Park (home of Fresno's baseball team), and the route winds through city neighborhoods like the Tower District. The relay exchange actually took place at the zoo! It was a crazy rush for me as I got the kids up and drove downtown to try and see Jason end the race inside of Chukchansi Park. We got there in the nick of time! Jason and Greg ran a time of about 2:10.
Jason sure has been busy- in addition to coaching track for his school, he has been training for the Worlds Masters Track & Field Championships to be held in July, and also running long distances, too. I'm so proud of him- he's setting goals and working hard to reach them! Way to go, Jason!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Daddy-Daughter/Mama-Son Time

Jason's school took their students on a reward field trip to Great America last Saturday. To get enough teachers to chaperone on a Saturday, they were allowed to bring other family members. Jeremy and I stayed in town since we had other commitments and we ended up with a Daddy-Daughter day, and Jeremy and I got to have Mama-Son time. Grace and Jason were gone from early morning to late evening- they had a wonderful time! She went on many rides and had a blast. I took Jeremy to his t-ball game, we spent time at the library, and went out for lunch. We definitely need to do this daddy-daughter/mama-son time more often!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grace's Open House

On Thursday night, we went to Grace's school's Open House. She was proud to show off her classroom and everything she's been working on. One of the major projects was her "desert" diorama. It was assigned to be done at home and it took her a few weeks to complete. The teacher in me insisted that she would make everything- we didn't buy a single thing, though that would've been much easier! She was very proud of how it turned out (as are we). We also visited the second grade classrooms to see what's in store for next year. It's hard to believe that the school year is almost over!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Angel Babies Walk/Run

A few weeks ago, our family joined our close friends, the Wiens family to honor the memory of their son, Caleb, who passed away as a newborn. This was our 2nd year participating as members of "Caleb's Cruisers." Jason ran the 5K, and Jason's mom and I walked the 2 mile walk with Grace and Jeremy.After the "grown up" events, there were kids' races, which our kids were excited to participate in, especially since they all earned medals!
We are happy to be able to support our friends by participating in this speical event. For more details, click HERE for Christa's blog.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carnival Season

The first Friday of May was my school's carnival, and last Friday was Grace's school's carnival. The thing I enjoy the most about my school carnival is the chance to show off my family. There was a great turn out, so lots of my students got to see my family. We ate, spent time on the inflatables, and played carnival games. For Grace's school's carnival, we spent an hour of time helping in her class' booth. Here's the cake we made for the Cake Walk- both Grace and Jeremy helped to create this. I'm told that it was the first cake won! We had fun walking around, playing carnival games, creating and shooting off rockets.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Mother's Day was last week... I went to a Mother's Day Tea hosted by Grace's class. The kids served us some treats like strawberries with whipped cream and pound cake and brownies. Grace insisted on serving me tea even though I asked for lemonade- she said it was a Mother's Day Tea, not a Mother's Day Lemonade. They read us a book they made, gave us necklaces, and even sang a few songs for us. It was really sweet that during one of the songs, Grace started tearing up- that made me tear up... My sweet Grace is so sensitive! It was such a nice time of bonding for us.
For Mother's Day, we went out for lunch at Wahoo's after church. It was nice to spend time with my family. On the occasion of Mother's Day, while it's meant to honor moms, I actually think of it as my day to reflect on my role as a mom. I am thankful everyday for the special privilege of being a mom, especially for having Grace and Jeremy in my life.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jason's 35th Birthday

Jason wasn't really looking forward to his birthday this year, mostly because it was on the first day back from Spring Break. I have been teasing him about being closer to 40! Since I was still on Spring Break this week, I was able to bring him his favorite for lunch, In N Out, and I was able to devote time to preparing him a special birthday dinner. He has requested the same thing for several years now- calamari steaks with lemon linguine, steamed artichokes, green salad, and garlic bread. It has also become somewhat of a tradition for our family now, that we go for Coldstone on our birthdays. Hope you enjoyed a great day, Babe! Happy Birthday to you! You are an amazing husband and the best daddy I could ever have hoped for for our kids. We love you so much- may this upcoming year is everything you hope it to be!