Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Mother's Day was last week... I went to a Mother's Day Tea hosted by Grace's class. The kids served us some treats like strawberries with whipped cream and pound cake and brownies. Grace insisted on serving me tea even though I asked for lemonade- she said it was a Mother's Day Tea, not a Mother's Day Lemonade. They read us a book they made, gave us necklaces, and even sang a few songs for us. It was really sweet that during one of the songs, Grace started tearing up- that made me tear up... My sweet Grace is so sensitive! It was such a nice time of bonding for us.
For Mother's Day, we went out for lunch at Wahoo's after church. It was nice to spend time with my family. On the occasion of Mother's Day, while it's meant to honor moms, I actually think of it as my day to reflect on my role as a mom. I am thankful everyday for the special privilege of being a mom, especially for having Grace and Jeremy in my life.

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Lomeliclan said...

So cute. Funny how you say Grace is so sensitive. I was so insensitive before I had kids and now I cry at everything!! Glad I am not the only one effected by other emotions as well. Happy Mothers Day!