Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sisterly Love

I am still amazed at how Gracie has fully embraced her role as Jeremy's big sister. She is so loving and thoughtful. Last night while we were getting dinner ready, we looked up to find her "reading" Christmas books to him. Who knows what it'll be like when they're older but for now, it is so heartwarming to see our active and at times rambunctious toddler gently caring for and loving on her baby brother.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our Thanksgiving

We went to Jason's mom's house in Coarsegold for Thanksgiving and spent the whole day there. Now that Grace is older, her cousins actually play with her (as opposed to her just trying to keep up with them, or playing on her own) and she is able to do many more things with them. They played games, colored, watched a movie, and made crafts together. Jeremy, on the other hand, slept for most of the day. I always look forward to the meal because it's so delicious! Jason's mom is an awesome cook. Click on the Photo Album for pictures of our family's time together.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jeremy's "First Bath"

Up until tonight, Jeremy's baths have consisted of Jason holding his head under the bathroom sink's faucet so I could wash his hair, and then I've used a wash cloth for his body. Tonight, we gave Jeremy his first bath in a bathtub. Grace was so eager to help out! We gave her the job of continually pouring warm water on his body, but I don't know if he was crying because he didn't like the water, or because he was cold. Grace was so cute- she kept telling him, "Don't cry, Jeremy, don't cry." I can't post more pictures- gotta give our little guy a little privacy!
On another note, I want to vent... Jason took Grace to get her bangs trimmed today at a hair salon near our house. Take a look at the result... Is that just unbelievable or what?! I was so upset when they got home. We paid money for THIS?! If I wanted an uneven cut, I would've done it myself! I really want to get out the scissors and even it out, but I also know that there's a good chance her bang line might end up even higher. Just great- right in time for the holidays... Okay, okay, just remind me that there so many more important things to be concerned about! That's why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday- it's a time to really reflect on the important things in life. I have so much to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jeremy's 1 Month Old!

Day by day, it doesn't seem like time goes by quickly, but overall? Wow- how amazing that it's been a month since Jeremy entered our lives. Not much to report, really. His life really does consist of sleeping, eating, and getting his diaper changed. In these last few days, he's started to stay awake a little longer after some of his feedings. Hopefully, the amount of time he sleeps at night will continue to increase so that we can get a little bit more sleep and don't have to get up every 2 1/2 hours. Check our photo album for a few pictures of our growing boy. Since weight gain was a concern of ours in the first few weeks, it's great to see that he now has a double chin! As well, below is a short video of Grace singing to Jeremy. She often does medleys. Tonight's medley consisted of a Dora the Explorer chorus, Eensy Weensy Spider, and the alphabet. The video is only of the alphabet. Well, kind of. It's her own version of the alphabet (she really does know the right tune- we have no idea where she picked up this version). Enjoy!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our First Sporting Event with 2 Kids

We decided to go watch Fresno Pacific's volleyball team play today. They are a top notch volleyball team and it is always a thrill to go see them play. Jason and I both love volleyball and hope that our kids will grow up to love it as well. Anyway, going to a game seemed easy enough. However, it was harder than we thought it'd be. We've never been really good at being punctual, and now that we have two kids it definitely takes us even longer whenever we need to go somewhere. Jason was Mr. Speedy, getting us to Fresno Pacific from our house in less than 15 minutes- we were there in time to hear the National Anthem. When the announcer announced each of the starters, each player threw into the crowd a little volleyball that she personalized. The guy sitting next to us caught one of those volleyballs and gave it to Grace. Grace, in turn threw it in front of her, hitting a woman in the head several rows in front of us. Oops! She was nice enough to give the ball back to Grace. All Jason can say is, "Wow, she threw it pretty far!" Gracie seemed excited about going to watch what she calls "wallyball," but it wasn't long after we got settled into our seats that she began to get squirmy. She was all over the place- man, that girl just can't sit still- ever! Despite being distracted by Grace, we were able to enjoy the Sunbirds' defeat over Concordia, 3-0. Yay, we survived our first sporting event with 2 kids (granted, Jeremy slept during the entire trip- from our house to the game, during the game, and then back home)!