Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh, Jeremy!

I always forget to write down funny things that our kids say.  Jeremy consistently cracks me up.  This post is mostly for my memory's sake! 

Mama's Boy
We were finishing up our dinner at Red Robin a few weeks ago.  The bill came out, and I told Jeremy, "You should pay for our meal tonight."  "I don't have any money!" he says.  "What would you buy me if you did have money?"  "I would buy you a ring and lots of jewelry."  "What would you buy daddy?"  He says, "Toothpaste!"  Jason and I started cracking up- HILARIOUS... and oh, so random!

Girl Scout Cookies
We drove by some girls who had set up a table to sell Girl Scout cookies.  Grace asked if we could stop to buy some.  I replied, "Actually, we bought a lot of boxes a few weeks ago, but daddy ate every single box."  Jeremy says, "What does a box taste like?"  "What?"  "You said that daddy ate the whole box.  What does a box taste like?"  I started laughing and tried to explain that I meant he ate everything IN the box.  So darn cute!

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JHNickodemus said...

He is super funny! Your posts about him always crack me up!