Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

I've been here in Fresno for 10 years! In all this time, I have never celebrated Canada Day down here. I used to know quite a few Canadians in Fresno, but alas, they have all returned up north and 0nly a handful remain. Our friends, James and Marcy, had a Canada Day party today, and of course I have been looking forward to it all week. Unfortunately, James and I were really outnumbered- we were the only Canadians celebrating with "honorary Canadians." We all dressed in either red or something "Canadian-ish" (even Jason wore a shirt that had a small Canadian flag on it). After everyone arrived, the kids did a craft- they painted Canada flag placemats. James even drove around Fresno earlier in the day looking for maple trees to get the leaves!
After dinner, James had us do a quiz to test our Canadian knowledge. Marcy, Jason, and I all scored 80%! How embarrassing it would've been for me if Jason had beat me!!! For prizes, they had a huge assortment of red/white stuff. I picked a Canada hat (I don't have one, ok?), and Jason picked a bag of Twizzlers.Soon afterwards, the kids all got in the pool. I love the Bergens' pool- it's so kid-friendly, unlike ours, and the water was 90 degrees! Being around other kids has really helped boost Grace's confidence. She has shaken her fear and was jumping in from the side and even going down the waterslide on her own! Jeremy is definitely going to be "our fish." That kid seems to be fearless around water. He went down the waterslide many, many times. To finish off the party, we had vanilla ice cream with strawberries (red and white!)... The Bergens thought of everything and we had such a fun time! Thanks, Bergens! Happy Canada Day!


JHRME said...

That is so cool! Love the theme!

Lomeliclan said...

FUN! Just for the record...I can still sing the entire Canadian Anthem.