Saturday, July 25, 2009

Capital Ex

Edmonton's annual fair is called Capital Ex. It used to be known as Klondike Days (it was one way the city celebrated its history), or K Days, for short. Every year, we intentionally schedule our trip to ensure that my parents can take the kids to the fair. This year, we thought Jeremy would want to try some of the rides, but all he wanted to do was run around (surprise, surprise). My dad went on the carousel with Grace, and then she got her choice of rides to go on. She had so much fun!Seeing how Jeremy wanted nothing to do with the rides, got incredibly impatient when we were waiting in line for Grace's rides, and then threw tantrums when we put him in the stroller, it got me wondering whether or not we should reconsider having him join us in a few weeks on our trip to Disneyland (please leave comments or email me with your thoughts if you have any). Slideshow on the right!

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