Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last All-Comers Meet of the Year

Jason ran in his last meet of the season yesterday night. I think there are a few more All-Comers Meets in Los Gatos after we return to California, but school's starting up soon, so he won't have time to make it to those. He's seriously considering whether or not to pursue this further- next year's USA Masters Track and Field Competition will be held in Sacramento, and when he checked his times with those of this year's Masters, his time is competitive with those. I think it would be so cool if he decided to go for it! I am very proud him for his dedication, and the discipline he's put into training these last few months.
Anyway, Sarah volunteered to babysit Jeremy so that I could go and actually try to see Jason's race last night. My mom came along, too, and this was her first experience with anything like this. She was full of questions and observations, and it was actually pretty cute to hear/watch her cheer on Jason. Jason only ran in one event last night, the 200 m. Here's the video...

He won with a time of 23.5 seconds! Yay, Jason!

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