Sunday, July 19, 2009

Only in Edmonton!

What a day we had yesterday! I definitely have something to blog about now! It was certainly a busy day... Grace and I joined Peter and his fiancee, Teresa, to go shopping for flowergirl dresses. That was so fun! More importantly, we got to spend some time with them. Jason and Jeremy spent their day grocery shopping with my mom and Sarah. We invited people to come over yesterday night for a barbecue to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday. The get-together consisted of our family's closest friends, people who are practically family. We're very close and have pretty much grown up together. These are the same people who will be in Hawaii with us for my brother's wedding in November.
(Standing left to right: Peter, my brother; Teresa, my sister-in-law-to-be; Peter, Thao's husband; me; Jason; Binh, close family friend; Thao, close family friend; Sarah, my sister; Neil, Binh's husband; Linda, close family friend; Lenny, Linda's husband
Sitting left to right: my dad; my mom; my aunt, Binh/Thao/Linda's mom; Sam, Thao's daughter; Jeremy; Grace)

After the party, we headed over to Thao and Peter's (friend, not my brother) house to play one of my favorite games, Perpetual Commotion. As if that wasn't enough for a fun evening, right before midnight, two more of our friends, Ny and Mark showed up with 6 crabs, freshly caught in Vancouver. They boiled them and then we feasted- yum! Talk about a midnight snack! The crabs were a real treat, and we ate to celebrate Ny and Mark's 1st wedding anniversary. Between the barbecue and then our crab feed, we ate so much we were all stuffed!(Left to right: me; Ny; Jason; Peter; Mark; Van; Thao)

At about 1am, we headed home. Can I just share, that we have many memories of Edmonton that revolve specifically around its unpredictable weather patterns? We have one more to add! There was a severe storm that blew through here yesterday night. It didn't seem so bad out at Thao and Peter's house, but it was really bad in my parents' area. The winds were so strong that they broke off tree branches, snapped trunks, and even uprooted trees! That's what happened to the tree in my parents' front yard. It got uprooted and fell into the street, blocking one lane of traffic. Isn't that crazy!? What a day, right? Only in Edmonton!

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live a colorful life said...

Loved seeing all your family, reading about the midnight crab feast (yum) and interesting weather patterns. And Jane, thanks to you guys, Aaron and Christa, Perpetual Commotion is my favorite game also!