Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello from Edmonton!

Here we are, in Edmonton! We didn't really do very much this past week after arriving, so I didn't have anything to really post about. An overview so far (and no pictures, sorry!)...
We left this past Monday to stay with our good friends, Darren and Julie Pozzi in San Jose. We don't get to see them very much, but always have a great time with them. Our kids are around the same ages, so it's also fun to see them play together each time we visit. John and Sarah Patrick also joined us for the evening. It was so fun to hang out! The next morning, Darren drove us to San Francisco to catch our flight to Edmonton. We expected that Jeremy was going to be quite a handful on the plane. Maybe it was because we expected the worst, it turned out to be better than we thought. He did great on the plane. He fell asleep for part of the time, but then we were able to entertain him the rest of the time. Going through security lines and customs? Not so much. He was eager to run off, and thought the conveyor belts were fascinating (he really wanted to climb up on them). Anyway, we made it to Calgary just fine, and my brother, Peter, was able to meet us there during our layover (Peter lives in Calgary, which is about 2.5 hours from Edmonton). Then, we boarded our plane to Edmonton. My mom and sister, Sarah, met us at the airport. It didn't take very long for our family to get settled in at my parents' home. We basically spent the next few days doing absolutely nothing. How nice it is to not have any major responsibilities. Jason has already gone golfing twice, and has spent some time at the track. I'm looking forward to some shopping time with Sarah this next week. Since most of our friends work during the week, we weren't able to get together with them until the weekend. I'm sure there'll be plenty to share after I see them!

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Jamie said...

Hurray for relaxing! Glad you made it OK. And golfing twice already Jason? Randy has yet to make it out once and we've been here 9 days now. Glad you're having fun.