Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Glasses

Students at my school get health screenings every year, and we received a letter from our nurse informing us that Jeremy didn't pass the vision screening.  We've had our suspicions for some time, but every time we've "tested" him, Jeremy seems to be able to read whatever we put in front of him, at any distance.
We made an appointment to go see Uncle/Dr. Aaron to get an official diagnosis. The assistant had him cover up his left eye and read out some large letters on the wall using only his right eye.  "I can't see them," he says.  "What?  Stop messing around, Jeremy.  Just read the letters," I say.  The assistant had him switch eyes and he read the same line perfectly, and continued to read every line down to some very small print.  She had him switch back, and sure enough, he couldn't see the letters.  I was floored!
After talking to Aaron, it turns out that Jeremy has major astigmatism in one eye, so much so, that the other eye has been doing most of the vision for both eyes.  Aaron said that his two glass lenses would be significantly different to meet the needs of each eye- one would be thicker and the other would be thinner.  I was sad when Aaron said Jeremy would need glasses.  In a sense, it was life-changing news because from now on, he'll have to always wear them.  Hopefully, contact lenses will be an option for him when he is older.  I was also worried about how kids would respond to him- kids can be really mean!  He asked me, "Will you still think I'm handsome when I get glasses?"  I melted- the answer is, of course, without a doubt! 
When we took Jeremy to get his glasses, the very first pair he picked was orange and blue- our school colors!  I insisted that he try on more frames, about 12 in all.  In the end, he still chose the very first pair he had tried on.  I am so glad that both the lenses were made to look the same!   
 Here is my very sweet and handsome cutie wearing his new glasses!

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