Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday, Grace!

Is it possible?!  Grace is 9?!  I can't believe it!  For her 9th birthday, Grace knew exactly what she wanted to do to celebrate.  She has been wanting to ride a horse for the longest time!  A friend of mine gave me a Groupon for a horseback riding lesson for two, and I called ML Performance Horses to ask if it'd be possible to bring along another two kids.  They were very accommodating.  Grace invited her school friend, Bella, and her closest friends, Charlotte and Violet.  They learned some horse riding basics and then went on a trail ride.  It was fun watching them have such a great time (thanks to Christa, for some of the horseback riding pictures!).

 Grace and her horse, Boo
 After horseback riding, we took the girls for frozen yogurt. 

The day didn't end there.  Since her first birthday, we've visited the pumpkin patch every year on her actual birthday.  Despite an already busy afternoon, Grace still didn't want to break with tradition, so we headed to the pumpkin patch next.
Our family tradition has been that when it's your birthday, you get to choose what you want for dinner.  I don't even know how many years it has been, but we headed once again to the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Her favorite is still the Spaghetti with White Clam Sauce and she licks the plate clean every time!  It was such a full day, and even that describes Grace- always busy!
Grace fills our lives with so much- she is sweet, loving, thoughtful, intelligent... She continues to amaze us with her drive and determination, her willingness to try new things, and her adventurous spark.  We love her immensely and are so thankful to have such a wonderful daughter. 

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