Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Flower Girl Got Married!

Jason and I got married 14 years ago... A few weeks ago, our flower girl got married!  Michelle is Jason's cousin's daughter, and we were so happy we got to celebrate her wedding at Fortino Winery in Gilroy on Oct. 19.  It was a wonderful day and the wedding itself was beautiful.  Here are some pictures (a lot of them were taken by Jason's cousin, Brad).

 Here's Jason's cousin, Cheryl, and her kids: Andrey, Stephanie, Michelle, her new husband, Chago, and Cheryl

The next generation of Penners (missing Noah, who got the stomach flu the day of the wedding)

Grace danced like a maniac and was on the dance floor non-stop.  It was the first time we saw her really go all out!  That girl loves to dance- who would've thought, lol?!

That night, our kids wanted to spend time with their cousins, so they stayed over at Brad and Terri's home.  Jason and I stayed behind to help clean up and then we headed to stay at Aunt Gwen and Uncle Gary's rental home in Aptos.  The next day, the family headed to the beach, just steps away from the rental home.  It took much of the morning before the fog cleared up, but that didn't stop us.  We all sat on the beach and hung out together.  It was such a wonderful day of catching up and relaxing.  The kids weren't phased in the least about the cold ocean water- they body surfed, swam, and played in the sand.  We saw tons of dolphins swimming through the area!

We are blessed that Jason's family is very intentional about staying in touch.  Can't wait until the family gets together again, hopefully this next summer!

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