Monday, November 25, 2013

Go "Diego," Go!

Jason has been slowly getting back into a regular running routine.  A few weeks ago, he came home from his Saturday run and said he'd just run 10 miles.  I told him, "It's crazy to me that you'd run that far and not sign up for the Two Cities half marathon!"  Well, a few days later, one of his training friends called him up and said that his cousin had hurt himself.  Jason could take over "Diego's" bib if he was interested.  How many people can decide on a Wednesday to run in a half marathon on Sunday?  Well, Jason did!  The kids and I went out to cheer him on near the finish line.  He beat last year's time by running 1:45, and even placed 7th overall in Diego's 20-24 year old division.  To say that I'm proud of him is a huge understatement!
"Annie RN" and "Diego" (Randy also didn't plan to run the half marathon, but took over a coworker's bib on Thursday!  He has been one of Jason's biggest supporters!)

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