Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tulare Sprint Triathlon

It is simply amazing to me how athletic Jason is.  He was injured for a lot of last year and wasn't able to compete the way he wanted to.  He went to physical therapy for months for an IT injury last year and wasn't able to run in the San Francisco Marathon as he had hoped.  He has gotten in touch with some guys who he used to work with and has gradually started up a training regimen.  They've gone running, biking, and spent time at the gym training.  Wanting to dabble in something competitive, Jason signed up at the last minute for the Tulare Sprint Triathlon at the end of September.  He did such a great job- he placed 4th in his age division.  It was his first time doing a swim/bike/run.  I am so impressed that he set a goal and so easily met it.  Wish I had his drive and determination! :)  I am very proud of him!

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