Friday, July 6, 2012

West Ed

Around here, most people refer to West Edmonton Mall as "West Ed."  I blog about it every single year- it's one of Edmonton's most well-known tourist attractions.  Yesterday, we spent some time there.  The main reason we were there was to take the kids to see the movie, Brave.  This was a special outing for our family.  In January, Grace had set the goal for herself to be one of the top 5 Accelerated Readers in her grade level by the end of the year.  She definitely met her goal, coming in 3rd place.  We are very proud of her, more because she set a goal and worked towards meeting it.

After the movie (which Jeremy spent most of on my lap, scared), we did a little shopping (though we didn't buy anything- everything is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive here! I'll blog about that some other time) and walked around Phase 3 of the mall.   We watched part of a hockey tournament at the ice rink, saw a sea lion show from the second floor, and admired the replica of Columbus' Santa Maria.

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Fairytale Pumpkin said...

This is crazy! I want to go there.