Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adventure Seekers

Many times in our marriage, I have been surprised that I somehow married a guy who is such an adventure seeker, while I am the complete opposite.  I like predictability, I do not like the tickly-feeling-in-the-stomach you get from going on roller coasters, I get nauseous very easily, I don't swim very well or enjoy being in the water... And sure enough, Jason would do anything for adventure's sake.  I've often felt like I'm holding him back, and he's always been great about not making me feel pressured to do something that I am not comfortable doing.  Fast forward 7 years... I am sooooooo glad that Grace has inherited Jason's adventure-seeking personality.  Now that she's old enough and tall enough, she has been a perfect partner for him to go with!  This past week, Grace begged us to go try out West Ed's Ropes Quest.  It's a ropes course in the mall that is three stories high.  Needless to say, Jason was more than happy to go with her.  Upon entering the course, she insisted on heading right to the top.  She tried every single obstacle and loved it.

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