Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

For most of this past week, Edmonton has had great weather, but the last few days have been rainy and windy.  We found some used Transformers rain boots at a thrift store for Jeremy and he thought they were the coolest.  He was very excited to go outside and jump in puddles with Di Dao.

While most of our American friends celebrated a beautiful 4th of July today, the day almost passed as any other for us.  Not only was it pouring for most of the day, of course we don't know any other Americans here to celebrate it with us.  We decided to get out of the house by spending a few hours at a local recreation center.  It was packed with other people wanting to keep their kids busy and out of the rain.  Despite this, we spent about 3 hours at the pool.  Jeremy and I hung out in the heated kiddie pool (he was so brave in the water today- his willingness to play in the water with me is quite new) while Jason and Grace headed to the diving platforms.  Our family also played in the wave pool and the three of them went down the waterslide several times.  

Earlier this evening, we were able to hang out with some friends at Ruth and Clayton's home.  The get-together was actually to celebrate my friend, Thao's birthday, not to celebrate the 4th of July.  Having burgers (as opposed to the Vietnamese food we've been eating a ton of) was as "4th of July" as Jason got today!  I felt kind of bad for the guy!!!!  Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating the USA with family and friends!

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