Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life's a Beach!

After a cold evening, we were thrilled to wake up to a beautiful and sunny day!  Some people had mentioned that Newport's Farmer's Market was worth visiting, so we headed there first.  In addition to getting some berries, we couldn't help but check this out:
After getting the ingredients together, Jason was given the chance to blend his own drink- using a bike!  Hahaha, we got a kick out of that. Jason and I joked that he could do that as a part-time job at some local farmer's markets.

Point Yaquina Lighthouse was our next stop.  We were able to tour the lighthouse, climbing 111 steps up to the top.  The tour guides were dressed in costume and shared what life would've been like for a lighthouse keeper many decades ago.

A highlight during our lighthouse visit was seeing the wildlife!  We saw a bald eagle and harbor seals soaking in the sun.  Can you see them in this picture?
We packed a lunch and headed to Agate Beach to enjoy the afternoon.  It was super windy and a little chilly, but the kids loved playing in the sand so much that we ended up spending almost 4 hours there.  We were amazed to see the number of people who braved the cold water and splashed around in the ocean!

After getting cleaned up, we drove down to Newport's Waterfront.  I love how it hasn't been entirely overtaken by tourism.  It is very clear by the number of fishing boats in the harbor that this is still a livelihood for many people.  We walked around while waiting for a table for dinner at Local Ocean.  It was definitely worth the wait- delicious, fresh seafood!

Even though it was late when we finished dinner, we decided to go check out the Public Pier.  We walked partway out and almost turned around because we were so cold.  However, there were tons of people on the pier and we wanted to know why.  I'm so glad we continued on- the people were crabbing!  We got to watch people throw crab nets into the water and then retrieve them. 

If we had known this sooner, we would've tried to find a place that rented out crab nets and tried it ourselves.  That would've been the coolest experience!  Maybe next time!

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Jamie said...

What fun!!! We always try to plan side trips on our visits to and from Portland in the summer and I have never been to the OR coast except a day trip to Cannon Beach. I think we might have to put this on our "to do" list for next time we visit my brother!!!