Friday, July 13, 2012

Sarah = BEST Babysitter Ever!

Obviously, I love my sister for a million reasons, but high on the list is that she is great with kids.  With MY kids, she's amazing!  She took my kids to do all kinds of things, giving Jason and I a break from them and the time to hang out just the two of us.  It's so nice to go out to dinner and a movie without worrying about how much it's going to cost for us to have someone watch our kids (because let's face it, the cost of a babysitter is a huge factor when we have date nights).  We were (finally) able to go see The Avengers and ate at Sugarbowl, which is now one of Jason's favorite Edmonton restaurants.
(notice: the brownish colored left hand column is the dinner menu, and the rest of the whole menu is their beer selection, in addition to 14 rotating draught beers that were listed on a chalkboard!  No wonder Jason loves this place!  He can't stop talking about the lamb and goat cheese burger, what he claims is the very best he's ever had!)

Meanwhile, we know our kids are in the best hands.  Some of the wonderful memories of Di Dao that my kids will have:  they've gone to water/spray parks, rode on the LRT together, gone out for slurpees and other sweet treats, went out to breakfast...

 Thank you so much, Sarah (Di Dao)!

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