Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last Weekend in Edmonton

Every day we spent here seemed to go by slowly, but then the time comes to say goodbye and I must admit that the time went by rather quickly!  Here's a quick overview of how we spent our last weekend in Edmonton!

Sam and Grace
Grace has been wanting to spend some "girl time" with her "cousin" Sam so since it was our last weekend, we let her hang out with the "big girls" on Friday.  She was so excited to get her nails done and felt very grown up.  Sam is on the right, and Big Grace is on the left (another cousin).

International Street Performers Festival
We headed downtown for this fun festival in Winston Churchill Square.  It was the perfect day to watch street performers!

Wayne Gretzy Statue
 How is it possible that as a native Edmontonian, I have never visited the Gretzky statue?!  Unbelievable! :)  We made sure to visit this year- a must for every hockey fan, right?
Sarah's Work
Another funny Jeremy story:  Jeremy asked my sister where she worked.  "I work at a place called Enbridge."  "What's Enbridge?"  "It's a gas and oil company."  "You work at a gas station?"  "No, my company's called, Enbridge."  "You work at a gas station on a bridge?" 
Just to show Jeremy where she worked, we took him up to visit her in her office.  For the record, she works on the 9th floor of a very tall building, not a gas station!

The Sieberts
I've blogged about this family before- they're now living in Edmonton though we met them in Fresno 7 years ago (I remember this because we met right before our daughters were born).  When we come visit here every summer, we try to connect with them.  It's so fun to see our kids together!  We loved being able to spend time with this wonderful family!

Fun Day
Beulah Church held a Fun Day for their community on Saturday and since our friend Neil helped to organize the event, we went to show our support. 
Face Painting (I mean, Arm Painting) 

Pony Rides

 Petting Zoo
 Grace spent most of her time with the animals.  Jeremy freaked out when I put a rabbit in his lap, but Grace could've spent the whole day with the pot-bellied pig, goats, ducks, and rabbits.  She is such an animal lover!
Cotton Candy (my fave!)
The kids with "Uncle and Auntie Awesome" (nicknames the kids gave Neil and Binh)

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