Saturday, July 28, 2012

Off Road and Off the Grid

Part of the reason why we decided to do a road trip this year was because Jason's family's reunion was going to be held in Northern California in July and we thought it'd be a nice "loop" to visit my family in Canada, and then head to the reunion on our way back.  The Penner reunion was held at a group camp near Castella, which is south of Mount Shasta. 
Jason's family looked for a place that would allow families to have their own sleeping cabins but a joint area to hang out, to eat together, and a kitchen in which they could prepare their own meals. Those types of places are hard to find!  We had no idea how remote we were going to be.  Even the GPS had trouble locating roads for us to travel on.  From the highway, we had to travel up a windy road for about a half hour before we reached the camp.  It was my very least favorite thing to do- I dreaded it and we ended up having to drive it quite a few times. I get carsick very easily so I felt nauseous pretty much every day this past week.

Being so remote made me realize how dependent I've become on technology!  We had no cell phone/internet service, which was very weird to me.  I commented that something significant could happen in the world and we'd never know since we were out in the middle of nowhere.  I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to throughout the week, so I'm going to wait until the whole family shares their pictures before I blog about the family reunion. Stay tuned! :)

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