Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grace's Open House

Jeremy's t-ball and Grace's Open House ended up being on the same night.  Jason went with Jeremy and I got to go with Grace.  This year has been a phenomenal year for Grace.  We were very hesitant at the beginning of the year.  She was put into a 2/3 combo class with a male teacher, and we had our reservations about how she would do.  Despite the complications of a combo class, her teacher has done an outstanding job this year.  Grace did pretty well in kindergarten and first grade, however, neither of those years can come close to comparing to how she has LOVED this year.  I'm not even talking academically because she has always excelled at that.  Mr. Pineda truly ignited Grace's passion for learning this past year.  She has learned so much and has been excited to learn everything.  Every night at dinner, she shares some of her knowledge and I am amazed at how much she knows.  She truly adores her teacher and I know that she will greatly miss him when this year ends. More about next year in a different post... Here are some pictures from this year's Open House:
3rd graders in Fresno area learn about Fresno County.  Since Grace was in a 2/3 combo, she also got to learn about Fresno County this year.  Have you ever heard of Zapp's Park?  I had no idea this used to exist here in Fresno.  It was an amusement park off of Blackstone and Olive from between 1912-1916.  Apparently, it was a huge draw to the area since it had zoo animals and amusement rides.  Grace had to do research and then use the information to create a triorama.  (She says she has no idea why her Z is backwards in the sign).
Several science experiments were set up around the classroom for kids to do with their parents.
A funny story about this poster... She was supposed to list her favorites.  For "T.V. Show," Grace answered, "101 Dalmations."  I told her that 101 Dalmations was a movie, not a t.v. show.  She answered with, "Well, you don't let me watch t.v.!"  I started laughing because that is certainly not the case.  However, we don't have Dish or cable, just the regular networks, and there isn't a lot that the kids can watch on there.  We watch a ton of shows on Netflix, but she didn't consider that to be t.v.  I guess we're really depriving our kids, lol.

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