Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jeremy's Daycare Graduation

Today was an important day for Jeremy- it was his preschool's graduation. Well, except that we have considered this past year to be "daycare" since we are sending him to preschool in August.  So, it was actually more like his "daycare" graduation.   More on our family's new transitions in a later post...

Even though this wasn't the "real" preschool graduation, I actually got emotional during his program.  Jeremy was asked to lead the Flag Salute with 2 other kids (I don't know about you, but to know the Pledge of Allegiance at age 4 is impressive to me!).  There was a Flower Ceremony in which each student comes up to the front and presents one of his parents with a rose.  In the background they played the song, Child of Mine.  I got very teary eyed when Jeremy presented me with his rose!

Finally, at the end, each student's name was called for them to go and receive their (fake) diploma.  It was very cute, but more importantly, triggered for me the realization that my baby is truly growing up!

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