Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We're Here!

While we were in Calgary, I was really hoping we'd get to meet up with 2 special friends of mine, Brian and Grace.  I am thrilled they were able to meet me!  Brian was my BFF during my university years.  He was the most important guy in my life before Jason came into the picture.   Grace is his sister, someone I totally admired and looked up to.  She MCed our Edmonton wedding reception almost 13 years ago, and believe it or not, that was the last time I saw her.  Both people have played huge roles in my life and they now live in Calgary.  I am so grateful that our friends, Huy and Jenny, offered to watch our kids last night so that Jason and I could go meet up with Grace and Brian.  I was so excited to see them and we spent a few hours chatting away.  I've seen Brian a few times over the past few years, but Grace and I had so much to update each other on.  I've been reflecting a lot about my life back then and about how important these people were to me...  Obviously, time and distance have played a factor in our friendship, but I will always treasure them and consider them significant in my life.
 Meanwhile, Huy and Jenny and their daughter, Madison, hung out with and "spoiled" our kids...

Grace and Jeremy LOVED hanging out with Madison.  In Grace's goodbye note, she told Madison that she was a "crystal friend."  When we asked her what that meant, she said it meant they were friends forever.  Very sweet! 

Before leaving Calgary today, we got a chance to go visit my brother at his work.  He's the Director of Network & Scheduling for WestJet.  It was great to be able to spend some time with him. He showed us around and it was very cool to get a glimpse of his world.  Such a good uncle, he gave the kids some WestJet planes before we left.

And with that, we left Calgary.  We sure took our time from Fresno (a week to be exact), but it was a memorable road trip- we rolled in to my hometown, Edmonton today at around 4pm.  We immediately drove to my mom's work to greet her since we knew she wouldn't be home until late.  Then, we went to their townhouse and unpacked.  My sister came home a little while later and we sat down to my mom's Pho Ga (chicken soup). 

We're going to be able to take it easy over the next 2.5 weeks that we're here.  I might not be able to blog everyday since we might not be doing anything blog-worthy, but you can bet that if we do, I'll make sure to share!

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