Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jason's Babies

Three years ago, Jason and I decided to plant some blueberry bushes. Neither one of us has green thumbs, so we knew there was a good chance the bushes could die.  I think knowing this made Jason all the more determined to do whatever he could to make sure they survive.  These bushes have been his "babies" and he has worked hard for 3 years to try and get fruit from them.  The first year, we only got a few berries.  Last year, the squirrels and birds got to all of them and we only got a few berries.  This year, Jason outsmarted them and used PVC pipe to put up a net around the bushes.  The result?  We've gotten to enjoy a lot of blueberries this year!  Every few days, Jason will take the kids out to the bushes to pick blueberries.  We've eaten them as is and have also added them to ice cream.  I haven't gotten around to using any for baking, but I imagine that would taste wonderful!


Jamie said...

Way to go Jason! And if you do get around to baking, this is my favorite blueberry coffee cake recipe!

Day-Lee Life said...

Very Cool! Way to be persistent Jason!