Friday, June 8, 2012

Carnival Season

It was carnival season just a few weeks ago.  We had my school's carnival in May, followed the next week by Grace's school carnival. 
Guess what Grace won at Plinko? She won the top prize- a free goldfish from Whitie's.  She was thrilled, but Jason and I are not.  We haven't been to "claim" it yet!
Oh the inflatables... Every teacher at my school had to sign up for either the ticket booth or to supervise an inflatable.  Well, since I suck at math and would not do well handling money, I ended up at an inflatable.  Unfortunately, the teacher who had the shift after me didn't show up, so I was there for almost 2 hours!!!! Yikes- that was super tiring.

At Grace's school carnival, both Jason and I signed up to help out at her class' booth.  It's the one I dread the most- the HairSpray booth, where people come and get their hair sprayed with colors.  ICK- so messy! Luckily, all I ended up having to do was collect the tickets! Of course the kiddos had to have their hair sprayed, too.   

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Jamie said...

How fun! I did the hair spray booth last year for Audrey's class. This year I did popcorn. I'd MUCH rather do hair spray again...messy but I at least got to interact with the kids instead of standing in front of a hot popcorn machine and scooping for an hour.