Monday, May 28, 2012

Pink Thunder and the Yankees

Phew... We made it through a very, very busy few months!  Basically, in addition to both of us working full-time, I was coaching Odyssey of the Mind, Jason was coaching volleyball, Grace had piano and softball, and Jeremy had t-ball... Cram all of that into 5 nights, and it made for a hectic season!  As busy as we were, we don't regret it- we really loved watching our kids play their sports.  Here are some pictures from the season:
Grace got to play with some of her teammates from last year, as well as with the same coach.  Whereas it took both us and Grace a while to get to know her teammates and their families last year, this year, it took no time at all, which made for a fun evening (twice a week).
Coach let Grace try pitching in several games. This was probably her favorite position.
She also got to play catcher in numerous games.  She loved being a part of every play.
One area that she will need to focus on is improving her batting.  She and Jason have already talked about practicing months before next year's season begins.
Jeremy and his buddies, Luke and Levi, joined the City of Fresno's t-ball league for 3-4 year olds.  It was so much fun to meet with our good friends every week to watch our boys "play" baseball.  I give a lot of credit to those coaches- what patience they had to work with so many little kids and try to teach them the basics of baseball.  Jeremy did pretty well, probably because this was his second year.  He was definitely a go-getter and knew what to do at bat.  (Though we're going to have to work with him about not hogging the ball every time the ball is hit!)

I am so grateful that we have many close friends who have sons the same age. It's going to be so great to see our boys grow up together, and what a gift to have this amazing core of support!  (Thank you to Christa for sharing these pictures of Jeremy with me.  I treasure them- they are just so, so cute!)

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