Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Break

I know Spring Break has come and gone, but I've just been so busy, I haven't really had time to blog about it. 
Spring Break was busy, but it was really nice to have a break from school!  Jason and Grace got one week off, and I got an additional four extra school days off.  Here's a brief recap of our time off.

Trip to the Zoo
Our church's Mom's Group gets together every other week, but since I'm at work, I don't get to join in the fun.  During Spring Break, some moms got together to go to the zoo.  It was a lovely day!
 Here are the boys enjoying a snack together.

 Jeremy and Levi... How goofy are these two?!

Shaver Lake
The last time we were at the cabin was over New Year's Day and there wasn't any snow at the time.  Well, the mountains did get some late snow so we decided to head up to the cabin for a few days over Spring Break.  Unfortunately, the sun had melted most of the snow and we didn't get to play in it like we had hoped.  There were just a few random snow patches here and there.
We had no expectations- we read, we watched dish t.v. (we don't have dish or cable at home), we played with the kids, took naps...  It was soooo nice!

Easter Eggstravaganza
We headed back to Fresno on Good Friday in time for our church's annual Eggstravaganza at a nearby neighborhood park.  It's a tradition, so I really didn't want our kids to miss out.

We celebrated Easter at Jason's mom's home.  As always, she prepares an amazing meal and we had a wonderful time together.  Of course the kids' favorite part of the day is the egg hunt.

Happy Spring!

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