Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jeremy Loves Jesus!

It has come up several times over this past year- "Jeremy, would you like to tell Jesus that you love Him?  Would you like Jesus to be in your heart?"  The answer has always been, "No."  Not even a maybe, or any questions about what that means, his answer has always been a definite no...
Well, today is a special day.  Jason and Grace are having a Daddy-Daughter Day out of town with his school today, and Jeremy and I are getting some Mama-Son time together.  We started our morning by going out to breakfast.  This part of our conversation was life-changing:

J: Why do we go to church?
Me: We go to learn more about Jesus, learn how to live how Jesus wants us to, and to be with other people who love Jesus like we do. 
J:  I love Jesus, too.
M: Would you like to tell Jesus that you love Him?
J: I already did.  I asked Jesus to come in my heart last night.
M: You did?  (me getting teary)  What did you say?
J:  I said, "Jesus, I love you.  Can you come into my heart?"
M: (now on the verge of bursting) Really?  Do you think Jesus knows you love Him? (Jeremy nods).  Do you know that Jesus loves you? (Jeremy continues to nod).  Can I pray with you this time? 
J: But I'm eating right now.  When I'm done, you can pray with me. 

And so we ate our chocolate chip pancakes and chatted about other things...   As I was buckling him back into his carseat, I brought up the subject again, and this time, he said that we could pray together.  So we did!   I am overjoyed!  I didn't have anything special planned for our day together- just hanging out and taking it easy, and yet it has turned into a very significant day indeed!  Praise God!

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