Friday, June 3, 2011

What a Week!

I am still amazed that we made it through last week. It was so busy! We had Grace's last softball game on Monday. We were sad to see her season end... It has been so fun watching her, and she has learned many new skills! We hope she'll end up with the same group of girls next year. On Tuesday, Jason got together with his band. I don't think I've blogged about his band before- I'll need to devote an entire post to that some time in the near future. On Wednesday afternoon, Jason's track team had their championship meet. Many of his kids received medals! Grace's school's Spring Performance and Softball Party were both held on Wednesday night. We went to the performance expecting for the 1st graders to sing first, letting us slip out to go to the softball party. Nope, we had to sit through performances by the school's violins, the orchestra, and the school choir- it wasn't until an hour later that the 1st graders came on-stage. Of course Grace was worth the wait- she was cute and fantastic (as always)! The 1st graders sang several patriotic songs, complete with hand motions. After the performance, we rushed off to her Softball Party. She loved playing softball so much that she would've been crushed if we hadn't made it. We went to the party despite getting there at the same time as when she usually goes to bed. We stayed over an hour, long enough for her to spend some time with her friends. On Thursday, I had my school's Open House. My class and I have worked really hard this year, and I am proud of what we were able to showcase. 28 out of 32 families came- it was a wonderful evening! What a week! Jason and I decided to finish it off by going on a much-needed date on Friday night. Luckily for us, we also got to enjoy a 3-day weekend to relax (somewhat). Can't believe how quickly this year is winding down. Just a few more days and the year's over!

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Jamie said...

Whew...I got tired just reading that! Only two more days! You can do it! Oh, yeah, I forgot, your summer's are pretty busy too. :) But a fun kinda busy!