Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Picture Truly Says a 1000 Words

This totally made my day, so I had to share! At Jennifer & Dan's wedding a few weeks ago, we met their photographer, Tracey. It was so nice to meet her- she and Jen have been friends for a long time, so I know that it was very meaningful to Jennifer that she was at the wedding to take pictures. Ever since then, I have been following Tracey's blog. She's amazing! Much to my surprise and delight, her blog post today is extra-special to us... You'll have to click HERE to see what I mean (look for the blog post for June 30, 2011). Not only is the picture significant, but the post that Tracey writes to go with the picture made me tear up. Life really is a gift! Thank you so much for this post, Tracey!

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