Monday, June 20, 2011

A Gift

Happy Birthday to me! Today, I got to relax and do a whole lot of NOTHING- actually, I read, took a nap, blogged... Jason made me an incredible dinner: bacon-wrapped filets topped with gorgonzola cheese and balsamic reduction, steamed asparagus, and rice pilaf. The best part was that he cleaned up the kitchen, too!

I actually received my gift last week! I am thrilled that I now own this:

I received it early because I was counting on it to help me make Jen & Dan's wedding gift. If you read my previous post, Jen & Dan got married this past Saturday. I was pretty busy on Thursday and Friday, working on this:(the bouquet of flowers in the background are not part of the cake topper). There's a story here- it might not look like much, but completing this was quite a feat for me. Baking and cooking are not things that come naturally to me. I didn't grow up knowing how to do anything in the kitchen. I have struggled for many, many years with lack of confidence when it comes to anything related to the kitchen. A lot of it is because my inner circle of friends are immensely talented and I have always been incredibly intimidated by them. I have never "dared" to do anything for fear of complete failure. So... I consider this to be a huge milestone for me. Obviously, as the creator of this cake, I can tell you that plenty of things didn't happen the way they were supposed to, but I think I can lay those to rest because of this one particular incident: At the wedding, we sat with Dan's family. It was our first time meeting them. At one point during the meal, his mom says, "Did you guys see the wedding cake? It is absolutely beautiful. I wonder which bakery it came from." Jason immediately answered, "Actually, Jane made it." Dan's family expressed their surprise and poured on the compliments. His dad said to his wife, "It's a good thing you had good things to say about it!" I made a "first draft" cake a few months ago, and Jason, my family, and several friends gave me many compliments on it. Honestly, I never took their words to heart because I figured they had to be nice. The conversation that took place at the wedding gave me a total boost because it came from people who were essentially, strangers, to me. I am really thankful for so much, but the most significant gift I received this birthday was this amazing feeling of accomplishment- I am so glad to be feeling that today.

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JHRME said...

Um Yum. That meal looks delicious. Um Yay for that mixer! I grew up on one of those and didn't bring mine to CO. I miss it. AND UM that cake is beautiful!!!! Way to rock those baking skills! You waaaay earn the cake praise!