Sunday, June 12, 2011

Proud Parents

I am so glad that I was able to attend Grace's last Awards Assembly during the last week of school. She earned a ton of awards- Character Counts, Perfect Attendance for the 4th Quarter, Perfect Attendance for the Year, a Reading pin (for meeting her reading goal), and a medal for High Achievement in Reading. The assembly went on and on for over an hour. Thank goodness I sat through the whole thing because it wasn't until the end that it was announced that Grace was also the Top Reader for all of first grade. She was given this title for earning the most points (53 points) in her school's Accelerated Reader program. Last August, Jason and I had our reservations about how the year would turn out after a rough start to first grade, but she certainly ended up having an amazing year- she learned a lot, was challenged, enjoys learning, loves to read, and made many friends.
Jeremy's t-ball season ended last week, as well. He is quite reserved and reluctant to try new things, but with t-ball, there was never any hesitation. Jason's thrilled that Jeremy has shown such a love for sports. We had so much fun watching him, and will definitely keep letting him try other ones. Next up will be soccer in the fall!

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