Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jen & Dan's Wedding

Two years ago to the day, we met a guy named Dan. You have to figure that the guy must be pretty important that my sis-in-law would bring him to meet the family for the first time at my birthday gathering! Well, he is a rather important guy, seeing as Jennifer married him this past weekend! It was a small gathering of family and close friends at Jason's mom's house. Jen & Dan's wedding was very special and memorable. Obviously, there is a lot I could blog about, but that would be a very long blog! Here are some highlights that I will remember about their wedding:

*Jason officiated the wedding. He got his license online and did a FANTASTIC job!*Jeremy and Grace were absolutely on their best behavior- as a result, we enjoyed an evening with no need to discipline. The kids ran about with the other kids and pretty much kept themselves entertained*Noah first escorted both of his sisters, then his mom... The four of them held hands as they walked to meet Dan and Ashley*Jennifer and Dan made vows to their kids and presented each one with "family" jewelry that Jennifer had made
*Dan got choked up and emotional during his vows (sweet!)*While they presented the jewelry, the women at the wedding were also given a gift. Jennifer had made necklaces for each of us- the necklace had a piece of seaglass and the word "HOPE." A wonderful gift representing her journey and a symbol of the future.*It was an intimate evening, and Jen & Dan were able to spend quality time with everyone there. *What a wonderful celebration of Jen & Dan's love and the joining of their families! Welcome to our family, Dan and Ashley!

There are tons of pictures in the album on the right.


kc said...

What a beautiful evening, but what I want to know is...what about the cake? How was it?!?!?! I'd love to see a photo of it...

Tracey said...

Jane! Thank you for your kind words about the wedding pix. I loved reading your story behind the cake bc I felt the same way about taking the wedding pix. It was a good experience for me and I learned a lot.
Blessings to you and the family. I love your little space here and will visit often.