Saturday, June 25, 2011

A "Berry" Fun Day!

Our church's Moms' Group went to a U-Pick berry farm outside of Hanford this past week. I remember going berry picking in and around Edmonton when I was growing up, but that was ages ago! My kids have never gone, and I was excited about this fun and unique opportunity. Unfortunately, Jeremy didn't want to go- this was his last week at his daycare (more on that in a later post) and he wanted to be with his friends. They were having a "dress up day" that he didn't want to miss out on. So, Grace and I got some time to be together just the two of us! It was fun to go with our friends. We ate plenty and picked plenty... I forgot to take a picture of the berries we came home with. We had 3 varieties of blueberries, blackberries, and a handful of raspberries. YUM! Since we were in Hanford, our friends decided they didn't want to pass up the chance to go to Superior Dairy's ice cream shop. We ate lunch on the lawn of Hanford's courthouse across the street, and then headed to the ice cream shop for dessert. Oh... my... goodness! Check out the size of their "one scoop!" I have never been to this ice cream shop before, but I assure you that we will be back! I can see why it's so well-known and why people drive (or take the train from Fresno) all the way to Hanford just to get ice cream. It was a "berry" fun day!

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Tracey said...

Wowzie, that is one amazing "one scoop". I'd take the train to get there too!
Glad you saw the pic on my blog post today. You beat me to the punch, I was going to stop over here and let you know it was up! Hands down, it is my favorite pic of the entire day. I will never be able to repeat that moment: he on the rock, overlooking the valley, sun light on his face, holding his shield and sword.