Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bear's Goodbye to Bearhugs

People often wonder where Jeremy goes during the day when we are working. He has been going to a home daycare called, "Bearhugs." It has been a wonderful place for him- it has been very reassuring to know that while we're working and away from him, he has been well-cared for and loved there. We were faced with a tough dilemma regarding what to do with Jeremy for next year. While the home daycare has been a good and nurturing place, we also know that it might be time for Jeremy to move on- he's ready for a new challenge, and pushing him outside of his comfort zone will be good. We registered too late for Shining Star, the same preschool that Grace went to, so we're 3rd on their waiting list. We also found out that despite not being at Bearhugs all summer, we'd have to pay to keep his spot for when he returns in August... So that led me to look around for other options. We were most impressed with Kiddie Kareland, which is also very close to where we live. We brought Jeremy to visit- he's usually very shy, cautious, and reserved, so it was somewhat reassuring to see him immediately at ease. We're still hoping that somehow, he'll end up at Shining Star- if not this year, then maybe next year... In the meantime, we're relieved that there will be a place for him when the school year starts up- he'll be starting "big boy school" at Kiddie Kareland in August! This past Friday was his last day at Bearhugs and they sent him off with gifts and a party. They've been a huge part of Jeremy's life since he's been there for two years of his three! I get emotional thinking of the significant role they've had in the raising of our son during his early years and now having to say goodbye. We will miss them very much and are grateful for all they've done for Jeremy!

Jeremy with Ms. Mona, the owner(Jeremy with his buddies (Jakey, Jeremy, Andrew, Ralfy)

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