Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of School Year Getaway Trip

With both of us working full-time outside the home, this past year has been incredibly hectic... The end of the school year signifies that we "made it!" Now that we're on summer break, the four of us are pretty much together every single day. It sounds ideal, but for people who are typically headed in 4 different directions, spending every single day together for 2 months can test all of our patience. Gearing up to be with our kids full-time, Jason and I decided to get away for rejuvenation and some time alone. Jason's mom, ever so willing, watched our kids for 2 days so that we could head to the Bay Area. Unfortunately, I caught a cold and was feeling absolutely miserable. I tried to make the most of our time! We went to a Giants game- a treat, since Jason gets to go only once a year or so. Even though we watched Jason's beloved team get clobbered by the Reds, it was very fun being in with all the Giants fans. Upon returning to Oakland, we headed to our hotel in Emeryville to get ready for the evening. We checked out restaurant reviews on Yelp and decided to try the Brazil Cafe. It's a tiny little restaurant near Cal. It was great- probably not authentic Brazilian food, but delicious nonetheless. From there, we walked a mile uphill to get to the Greek Theater. Truly, what a wonderful venue that is! We were there to see Dispatch, a band that split over 10 years ago and has reunited only to put on benefit concerts. Dispatch is a band that Jason has loved over the years. Click here for one of their songs. I've often described their sounds as "Jack Johnson-ish." The acoustic set they performed was awesome. I guess the comparison to Jack Johnson ends there- the second half of the concert had everyone standing, singing, clapping, and dancing... We had so much fun that I even forgot that I was sick! The next day, we slept in, had breakfast, and then headed to IKEA. We got things that we never knew we "needed" before heading back to get our kids. The trip was quick, but definitely served its purpose. We got to spend quality time together, and I am grateful for a husband who I love being with- he is truly my best friend. This week is super busy as we prepare for Jason's sister's wedding... Wish us luck- Jason's officiating the ceremony, and I'm making the wedding cake!


JHRME said...

Wow! You two are a a wedding service all in one! What a good trip. I'm about to google that band!

Mrs. Chappy said...

Make sure you post pictures of the wedding cake you make!