Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 2 of Edmonton Visit

Sorry for not posting regularly about our visit to Edmonton! It's because we have been up to nothing- seriously! We haven't done a whole lot. We've had such a low-key visit so far- I've been able to do plenty of reading, napping, and watching TV (we don't have dish or cable at home, so I've loved having access to HGTV, TLC, Food Network, etc. I've watched A LOT of t.v. this trip). Part of the reason why we haven't done very much is because Edmonton has had a very wet summer. Last year, it was really warm, so for this year, I packed a lot of shorts and t-shirts. Instead, we've been wearing mostly our jeans! The weather has been a good excuse to lounge around and be lazy.
A few days ago, we spent some time at West Edmonton Mall, just walking around. If you recall from previous years' posts, it's one of Edmonton's biggest tourist attractions. It's not that big a deal for Edmontonians, but for others, it's pretty amazing for a mall to have so many stores (about 800), an indoor water park, an indoor amusement park, a casino, a rooftop driving range, an indoor skating rink, movie theaters, sea lion shows, etc. We'll be returning there on Sunday when my parents take the kids to the amusement park.
This past weekend, Jason signed up to run in the Alberta Provincial Track and Field Championships. One race was on Saturday, and the other race was on Sunday. I actually got to watch it- the kids were great spectators for this meet, despite the wind and sprinkling of rain.It was interesting how the meet divided up the age brackets. At age 34, Jason was in the 20-34 age bracket. In fact, in that age bracket, there were only 2 people who weren't currently in college. That means that he had to run against athletes that are currently competing at the collegiate level. Well, for his 100 m race, his time was 11.60 secs. He came in 13th out of 14 runners. For his 200 m race, his time was 23.4 secs. He came in 7th out of 10 runners. Jason was really disappointed, but the upside is that he was able to compete in 2 events without getting injured. His next meet is the "biggie!" It's what he's been training for all year: the 2010 USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships taking place July 22-25 in Sacramento.
Anyway, that's what we've been up to. With only a week left here, this week is shaping up to be quite busy as I try to meet up with as many friends as possible. Hopefully, I'll be able to post again really soon!

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