Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day

It has been a few years since we've been in Canada for Canada Day. We intentionally sought out things to do as a family for this special occasion. The day started off with the Silly Summer Parade down Edmonton's Whyte Ave. I've never been to it, so we truly didn't know what to expect. We found a perfect spot near the end of the parade route, and Jason walked to Oodle Noodle to get us some lunch to eat while we waited for the parade to start. I LOVE OODLE NOODLE! Yum! The parade itself wasn't very long, and it was "silly" in the sense that there was no rhyme or reason to it- very random. However, because it was silly and random, the kids really enjoyed it. It was also neat to see everyone decked out in Canada gear all day!

Later that afternoon, we went to Louise McKinney Park, located right above the river valley. This Canada Day celebration included midway rides, a craft tent, cultural dancing, and live entertainment. The kids had a blast going on some rides and with all the walking we did, quickly fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.
Around 10pm, we took Grace with us to find a spot in the river valley to watch Edmonton's fireworks show. We decided to leave Jeremy sleeping, since it was so late. Can you believe that by the time 11pm rolled around, it still wasn't really dark outside?! The fireworks would've been more amazing against a dark backdrop... The show was pretty good (definitely better than what they've done in the previous years, but paled in comparison to Buchanan High's in Clovis). We didn't get home until past midnight and Grace was definitely wiped out! It was a fun day- Happy Birthday, Canada!

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