Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Last Weekend

Our last weekend here was a busy one! On Friday night, I was able to go out for dinner with my sister, Sarah, and our close friends, Thao and Binh. We had so much fun- I laughed so hard!We grew up together and I am grateful that despite the distance, we're all still close. We spent Saturday with my brother, Peter (aka PT), and sis-in-law, Teresa (who came up from Calgary), Thao and her husband, Peter, and their daughter, Sam. Jason went golfing with PT and Peter and the rest of us went to watch Sam play soccer. After some shopping in the afternoon, and a visit to a new bubble tea cafe, PT and Teresa prepared dinner for all of us at Peter and Thao's house.
After church on Sunday, we went out for a family lunch before heading to Galaxyland, the indoor amusement park at West Edmonton Mall. My parents get a lot of joy from watching the kids go on the rides. Actually, they enjoy taking the kids to the annual fair here, but it doesn't start until later this week. Grace was old enough to try going on some bigger rides- she definitely inherited her "guts" from Jason!
Tomorrow, we leave Edmonton... It's hard to believe that we've been here for 3 weeks! Despite the crazy weather not allowing us to do as much as we wanted, it has still been a good visit. We were able to spend some quality time with family and close friends. This past Saturday evening was particuarly meaningful for me. My whole life, I have never known the whole story of how my parents met, how they escaped Vietnam during the war, and how they ended up in Canada. I have heard bits and pieces over the years, but I have never heard it from them. They finally opened up and shared about things from their past. I finally know more about my family's history! That evening is one of the highlights of this trip for me. Often times, I tell people that I keep this blog as a way to journal things that I consider important. I will most definitely be writing everything down that they shared with me in the weeks to come.

Tomorrow, we'll be flying from Edmonton to San Jose where we'll spend the evening with our friends, Darren and Julie, before driving back to hot hot Fresno! To our Edmonton friends- see you next year, and to our Fresnan friends- see you all really soon!


Fairytale Pumpkin said...

I can't wait to hear your parents' story! I am so glad you got it from them. And I'm glad you've had such a good time, but I'll be glad to have you back, too :)

Tracy said...

I don't even know your Canadian friends and family and your post is making me feel homesick for them! What a heartwarming summary of your trip! Glad to have you back in Fresno too!