Tuesday, July 27, 2010

USA Masters Track & Field Championships

On Friday, we loaded up the car again and drove to Sacramento. After many months of anticipation, the day had finally arrived- the USA Masters Track & Field Championships were held there this past weekend. Jason has been training for months for this huge event. It's basically a track & field competition for athletes who are out-of-college. It is inspiring to watch some of the older athletes- the oldest competitor this year was 96! With the wide range of ages, there are many different age brackets. This event was significant because it was the Nationals, with athletes from many all over the USA competing. Jason had lots of support in addition to me, Grace, and Jeremy- Jason's mom, his sister, his nephew and nieces, his sister's boyfriend and his daughter, Jason's uncle and aunt all made the trip to come watch him. His first race was the M30 (athletes aged 30-34) 100 m preliminary. It was incredibly hot and we were dripping with sweat while we sat in the stands! Before long, we learned that since some athletes had scratched, Jason automatically advanced to the finals (we had hurried to get there so it was a bummer he didn't even race).

On Saturday, since Jason's first race wasn't until after lunch, we were able to squeeze in a visit to Sutter's Fort. Unfortunately, it wasn't too interesting for Grace and Jeremy. We'll definitely have to return when they're older.
Jason's first race was the M30, 100 m final. It was so exciting to watch Jason finish in 3rd place, earning a bronze medal!

His next race was the M30, 200 m preliminary. There were two heats, and Jason's time qualified for the final. Unfortunately, that race left him feeling rather sore. For dinner later that evening, we were able to visit Old Town Sacramento.

On Sunday, we decided to head to IKEA before Jason's race. I love that place! Of course we left with plenty! Jason's race was in the afternoon, and he had a hard time warming up. When it came time for the 200 m finals, he did great coming out of the blocks, but injured his achilles tendon coming around the bend. It has bothered him in the past, but not in the past few months. Needless to say, that forced him to stop and he ended up hobbling over the finish line. He was so disappointed, and we were disappointed for him. It's one of those things- an athlete devotes to training for months, and it all comes down to a few seconds... We are already looking ahead to next year. The World Masters Track & Field Championships will be held in July at the same venue in Sacramento. Despite having to hobble around, after we left the meet, Jason still wanted to take our kids to the California State Railroad Museum. I am so glad we did- Jeremy LOVED it. I loved seeing his excitement as he ran from train to train. He couldn't get enough! After getting some treats in Old Town, we finally headed for home. Jeremy threw one of the longest tantrums ever, and he kept saying, "I don't want to go home!"
I am so proud of Jason and not just because he earned a bronze medal at this meet. I am inspired by his commitment, determination, discipline, and drive. What an amazing example he has shown our kids of how to live an active lifestyle, how to strive towards a goal, and to not give up when it really would be easier to quit. Way to go, Babe- we love you so much!

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Jamie said...

Way to go Jason! You and Randy can wear your medals to church together some Sunday! LOL