Monday, August 31, 2009


High maintenance, demanding, fussy, busy, active, temper tantrums, needy... These words describe our son, Jeremy! I don't know if it's just because Grace's early years were so much easier, but Jeremy sure keeps us busy. Add to that the fact that he doesn't know a lot of language yet, so he gets easily frustrated when we don't understand what he wants. To be honest, I was really wondering what it'd be like to be alone with him this year. I imagined him constantly in time-outs and me constantly exhausted. To my surprise and delight, I have absolutely loved being with Jeremy while Grace is in school. He is a completely different kid when she is not around, and it's unfortunate that I'm only now discovering this. Jeremy has been incredibly endearing, cute, silly, sweet, fun, happy, lovable... In fact, in these last 2 weeks, I have only had to put him in time-out once during our time alone together. Contrast that with his usual three or four time-outs when he and Grace are at home together. Once she gets home, his "other" side emerges, and I'm back to being a referee. Jason has only gotten glimpses of this "good" side of Jeremy. Unfortunately, when Jason gets home, it's usually in the middle of Jeremy and Grace fighting over something, and the end result often involves tears and time-outs. Hopefully, I will be able to influence him and that'll impact how he relates to his sister.
I love knowing that I'll get to spend quality time with Jeremy this year- I'm so looking forward to making great memories and forming a strong bond with my wonderful son.
(These pictures are from a trip to the zoo last week)

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JHRME said...

Jeremy has such fun facial expressions! Its so fun to see the photos!