Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alberta Legislature

Some geography for you: Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, which is the second province in from the West Coast. From the U.S., it would be directly north of Montana. Most U.S. maps cut off right where Edmonton would be. The equivalent to California's State Capitol in Sacramento is Alberta's Legislature in Edmonton. That's where we spent most of our day today, but not as tourists.

Outside of the Legislature's main entry is a huge reflecting pool that is open to the public as a wading pool. There is also a fountain and a smaller water area that people come to enjoy. It was so beautiful here today so it was a great day to take the kids. The water wasn't too deep, but it was plenty cold! It took a lot of coaxing before Jeremy would go in the water. My sister brought us lunch so after the kids had fun wading around, we ate before heading home for naps. Jason and I toured the Legislature together pre-kid, but we'll revisit it again when the kids are older.

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