Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our 10 Best Memories from Edmonton

10. Tim Hortons Timbits

The kids woke up our first morning in Edmonton to a box of Timbits, courtesy of Ba (grandma)... Yum! We got many more boxes in our 3 weeks there. The kids were limited to a few and then Jason and I would finish off the rest of the box.

9. Bubble tea

Yes, Fresno does have bubble tea places, but it's just not the same! I usually get a Strawberry Slushie Bubble Tea with Pearls (aka boba or bubbles).

8. Cooler temperatures

Even though the hottest it got was 85 degrees, it felt a lot warmer because my parents' house doesn't have A/C. There were many nights I couldn't sleep! Still, the weather was nothing like the streak of triple digits felt here in the Central Valley. Edmonton's unpredictable weather always makes for interesting summers. Two major storms passed through while we were there (winds broke trees like this one in my parents' yard). On a different note, we got to see Northern Lights this year (usually only seen in late August/Sept.).

7. Jason went golfing 4 times

Jason really enjoys golfing, but with such busy daily lives, he doesn't ever get to go in Fresno. He even joined our friend Peter at a company tournament and got 18 holes of golf, free meals, a windbreaker jacket, and beach towel.

6. Jason's All-Comers Meets

It wasn't a good "spectator" experience running after Jeremy for the first meet, but the second meet was great because we left him at home. That, and the fact that Jason was awesome!

5. Festivals, in particular, our favorite: the Heritage Festival My last blog post was about this amazing festival. Scroll down for further details!

4. Parks, playgrounds, spray parks, wading pools

We LOVE that there is so much available to do with little kids! Since Edmonton is covered with snow much of the year, when it's summer, people seem to try to spend as much time outside as possible (and it helps that the sun doesn't set until 10:30pm most nights)!

3. Getting our yearly food fixes

I didn't take any pictures of food this year, but of course we totally pig out while we're in Edmonton. Some of these are ordinary meals, but when I can only have them once a year, I crave them! My Vietnamese cravings include: Bun Bo Hue and Pho. Fast food cravings: donairs with fries (tried some new places this year... still looking for the BEST that Edmonton has to offer), Mozza Burgers from A&W (no, A&Ws in California don't have the same menu), Oodle Noodle (why doesn't Fresno have anything like this?!), Edo Japan. Dinner cravings: Brits Fish & Chips, Swiss Chalet, Boston Pizza. Other cravings: Dim Sum!

2. Time with friends

We love spending time hanging out with our friends! I feel blessed that I've been able to maintain close friendships despite only seeing them once a year. I'm not going to post specific pictures because I don't want to exclude people (I didn't take a picture of every single person we hung out with)!

1. Time with family... enough said!
Until next year, Edmonton!


live a colorful life said...

Thanks for this glimpse into your time in Edmonton.


Lomeliclan said...

So cute! I too have cravings for Dim Sum. I am glad you had a great trip! Now to look forward to having the next year off. School starts soon!