Saturday, August 1, 2009

What else do we do here?

So, what else do we do during all this time we're in Edmonton?
For the last few years, we have enrolled Grace in swimming lessons up here. Friday was her last day! This year, she was in the 4 & 5 year old Advanced class. She turned out to the be the most advanced in her class. We don't think she learned anything new, but the class certainly was a self-esteem booster. Hopefully, she'll retain all the things that she has learned this year in swimming.

We loved visiting the Sherwood Park Farmer's Market this past week. (Grace and Jeremy went to the Mill Woods Farmer's Market last week). We left with some fresh raspberries, gourmet cookies, a freshly squeezed lemonade, and rice krispy treats (Gracie's pick).

After swimming lessons on Thursday, we got the chance to meet up with the Sieberts, friends we met several years ago in Fresno who now live in Edmonton. We were originally going to go to a playground/wading pool, but it started sprinkling, so we went to their house for lunch instead. They just recently moved so we were happy to see their new home. The kids played while we chatted. It was nice to get to catch up with them.
After swimming lessons on Friday, we headed up to Ong Muc Su Thanh's house. He is the pastor of my childhood church and we still keep in touch with him. I still consider him an important person in my life and I respect him a lot. He made us a wonderful lunch and we got to talk and catch up.

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